Chainsaw Carburetors

Get back in action with a new chainsaw carburettor

Get your chainsaw running good as new in no time with genuine replacement parts at bargain prices on eBay.

Shopping for carburettors on eBay gives you access to all the latest OEM and aftermarket parts as well as obsolete carburettors you just can’t find at hardware stores.

Big brand replacement carburettors

Shop tried-and-true carburettors, from leading chainsaw brands like Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, Echo, Dolmar and DeWalt.

If the specific brand part is what you’re after, look for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the item title. For genuine parts by leading part manufacturers (but not necessarily the same brand as your chainsaw’s original carburettor), just check the compatibility specifications in the item description to make sure the part you’re looking at is a perfect fit for your chainsaw.

Need any extras with that?

Chainsaw carburettors and repair kits may or may not come with extra parts necessary for assembly, like an inlet lever control spring, or mounting gaskets. If you’ll need to replace any of these key parts while you’re replacing your carburettor, it pays to shop around for listings that include these extras.

Get the right tools to replace your chainsaw carburettor

For most chainsaw carburettor replacement jobs you’ll need a standard set of tools to get the job done. You’ll need a set of Allen keys, also known as Allen wrenches or hex keys, as well as a socket driver.

For this job, you’ll usually need a size 7/16 socket driver (but check the specifications on the replacement carburettor you buy) and yes, even in Australia socket wrenches and drivers are usually labelled in fractions of an inch. Browse single-socket drivers and great-value socket sets on eBay to get the one you need.

Discover more deals on chainsaw parts and accessories

Think you might be replacing more parts down the line? Browse a huge range of chainsaw parts and accessories at unbeatable value right here on eBay.