Lighting It Up

For statement lighting, it’s hard to go past the chandelier. Decadent and ostentatious or elegant and refined, chandeliers come in all styles and designs – all of which create an impact. Back in the day, before electricity brought light from the flick of a switch, chandeliers featured light from real candles. These days, many chandeliers still feature that candlelit look, using bulbs and fittings that resemble candles. Offering an altogether different style, other chandeliers drip and spill with crystals. These designs focus more on the shimmer and the shine, utilising those gorgeous crystals to spin light throughout the room.   When choosing a chandelier, it’s a good a idea to think first about the size of the room in which it will be placed. Large open rooms with high ceilings can look simply amazing with large, statement chandeliers. But, place that same style chandelier in a smaller space, and it will take over the room, looking out of place and overly large. Luckily, with so many styles and sizes of chandelier available, it’s possible to find the right look for almost any space. From small, understated styles that still hint at decadence, to simple rustic pieces that say humble French farmhouse, there is a chandelier for all tastes – and all budgets.

Buying Online

Buying online can provide the best way to compare styles and prices. That’s what eBay is all about. Featuring a massive range of thousands upon thousands of chandeliers and ceiling fixtures, eBay is the perfect place to shop for lighting. Looking for a certain style? Discover art deco designs that bring the 1920s to life again. Want to go retro? Vintage and retro lights can bring character and individuality to any room. Love elegant design? Carry that look through to the lighting using elegant chandeliers and lights. Prefer a more modern look? Modern or contemporary lighting can bring out the best any modern interior design.   Search by colour or style, by price or location, to discover vintage gems or brand new buys. eBay makes it easy to find, compare and buy online, to enjoy home delivery or convenient local pick-up.