When you have a new addition to the family, they can become quite a handful. It's important to have everything within reach in your nursery so you can be efficient when you're changing, feeding, or bathing baby. As a stand-alone piece of furniture, a baby changing table offers several benefits that help make life effortless for you during those first two years.

Changing tables make it easier and quicker to change your baby as everything is in the one place: with built-in baby change table drawers , you can store everything like nappies, cloths, creams, powders, and clothes. Most importantly, you can find many units at a height that prevents you from having to bend over and potentially injure yourself. Ensure you find the right one at the right height for you and your partner by measuring your level of comfort and then buying accordingly.

There are many different types of changing tables to suit your requirements. There are changing tables with wheels for easy mobility, or changing tables with bath. Many of the tables offer removable drawers, so as the baby gets older, the space can be used for extra storage, doubling its use.

While it's true that parents can change their babies on floors, beds, tables and any other flat surface, a changing table offers the security and safety that you might not receive from these surfaces. Lipped edges, wall mounts, straps and sturdiness assure extra protection.

Just as there are many books on parenting, there are just as many variations of changing tables you can buy. From different colours to match your nursery interior to the material - melamine, wood or steel - or even the number of drawers you require, you are only restricted by your budget. Shop online at eBay today to get incredible discounts on changing tables that you won't find in store.