Baby Changing Tables

When it comes to baby furniture, a changing table makes changing nappies and getting your little one ready for the day easier for you. Another benefit is the fact everything you need is within arms reach, and you don't have to leave your baby alone while you search for nappies, wipes, and clothing. Small, portable tables are ideal for smaller nurseries, while larger, heavier designs are perfect for bigger rooms.

Storage is Everything

Since storage is such an important feature, a changing table with drawers allows you to hide products but still keep them where you need them. It's amazing how many items you need for someone so little. What's more, some models with drawers grow with your child, and when you no longer need the changing area, simply remove it, and the table turns into a dresser.

More than a Changing Table

New parents can find models that are much more than a changing table. For example, changing tables with a bath allow you to get your baby cleaned up, dressed, and ready for bed in one convenient location. Bending over a bathtub and holding onto a slippery child is not always the easiest thing to do, but with a raised bath, there is no bending, and wash up is a breeze.

Designed with Your Baby in Mind

As an infant grows, they will start to roll around and flip over from their back to their stomach. For this reason, manufacturers design baby furniture to keep children safe. A deep top changing area with raised sides offers extra protection to ensure the baby doesn't roll off.

Keep Your Baby Comfortable

A changing table with a mat keeps your baby comfortable during changing sessions. A waterproof changing mat is easy to clean up, yet soft enough to keep your darling happy.