For kissable lips, eBay has a fantastic collection of ChapSticks to choose from 

Katy Perry has sung about it, and there's probably one hidden in your bag, yes we're talking about the iconic ChapStick. 

Whilst for many a generation, the ChapStick has become the generic term for any lip balm in a tube, the truth is the ChapStick has been around since the early 1880s. Created by Dr. Charles Browne Fleet, the humble Unisex ChapStick started as a handmade wax-like product wrapped in tin foil. It looked like a wickless candle and was sold locally, and truth be told, did not have much success. 

In 1912 ChapStick was bought by a commercial artist for $5, which was a considerable sum back then. ChapStick continued to grow, eventually being bought by Pfizer and eventually settling on the iconic design and packaging we know and love today. 

Chapstisk's are designed to act as both a sunscreen and a moisturiser to help prevent and protect chafed, chapped lips. ChapStick often release 'limited edition' variations , which you'll find on eBay. 

While one of the most iconic lip balms around, there are some fun facts you may not know about the iconic ChapStick. 

A ChapStick, with a hidden microphone embedded inside, was used for secret recordings as part of the Watergate scandal. Sports people use ChapStick to prevent chaffing around their noses in cold weather. Due to its ingredients, you can rub a ChapStick on a stuck zipper to help get it undone. And, if you were to cut yourself shaving, you can rub a ChapStick over the cut to stop the bleeding. 

No matter how you use a ChapStick, you can find an amazing range of flavours and limited edition ChapStick on eBay.