Charging Mats for Mobile Phones

Charging Mats for Mobile Phones

Charging mats for mobile phones are simple electronically powered mats which can passively charge mobile phones set upon them. The charging mats themselves generally plug into wall outlets, reducing the hassle of plugging phones in each time users wish to charge them. Instead, people simple set their phones on the charging mats.

Mobile Phone Compatibility with Charging Mats

You can only use charging mats with modern smartphones which possess passive power capabilities. You cannot pair flip phones, landline phones, and other phone models with charging mats. Most iterations of the Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and the Blackberry PRIV feature passive power capabilities that work with mobile phone charging mats.

Mobile Phone Charging Mat Adapters

It is possible to attach a smartphone which does not natively have the technology to use a charging mat with a slim adapter that allows it to charge in this fashion. You can use an adapter with several smartphones, including many iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Microsoft Lumias, and Sony Xperias. Most charging mat adapters allow for use with universal charging mats for mobile phones.

USB Charging Mats for Mobile Phones

Some charging mats for mobile phones plug into USB ports rather than into wall outlets, allowing charging mats to draw power from computers and other electronic devices. USB mobile phone charging mat cradles allow for easier charging of multiple phones and devices while on the go or away from home, or in locations where it is difficult to find wall outlets, such as airports.

Mobile Phone Charging Mat Technology

The wireless technology used for charging mobile phones requires an extremely small distance between the charging mats and the phone batteries. In some cases, even an especially thick mobile phone case may create too much distance between the mat and the battery, requiring the use of a thinner case or no case at all while charging. Though there are many different standardised technical methods for allowing wireless charging, most smartphones use Qi wireless charging technology.