iPhone Charging and Data Sync Cables

When it comes to mobile phone cables and adapters, only certain types work with certain phones. This means you have to be sure that you find the right cable and adapter for you. This goes double for charging and data sync cables for Apple iPhones, as an iPhone charger can differ from one model to the next.

Apple Certified

Many brands of iPhone charger are actually certified under Apple’s MFI certification for accessories, so you can rest easy that your charger will work safely with your iPhone. This means that they are like an Apple charger, using the brand’s Lightning connector to charge and sync your iPhone.

Fast Charging

No one wants to wait forever for the iPhone to charge, so finding an iPhone charger that supports faster charging is worth looking for. By charging your iPhone with 2.4A instead of lower amperages, these phone chargers safely get your phone back to 100 percent quicker. For charging while on the move or while in your car, mobile phone chargers and cradles mean you don’t have to go home or find a cafe to stop your iPhone from running out of battery.

Long Lasting

Given how often mobile phones like iPhones needed to be charged, it stands to reason that you want an iPhone charger that is going to have a reasonable lifespan. Many charging and data sync cables for Apple iPhones are sheathed in a durable braided nylon to protect them from everyday wear and tear. These nylon braided jackets protect the cable from repeated bending and warping, as well as making them less likely to tangle.

Distinctive Design

It can often be tricky to tell one Apple charger from another, so being able to choose an iPhone charger that comes in a distinctive colour or design can really make your life simpler. No more getting your iPhone charger confused with someone else’s or lost among a web of generic white cables.