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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Charging and Data Sync Cables

Everyone who has ever owned a smartphone has a collection of mobile phone cable adapters lying around. It's a natural result of the common habit of plugging it into the mains every night to charge while you sleep. Those who own some Samsung devices may have seen Galaxy Note 3 charging and data sync cables.

USB 3.0 Micro-B

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the first mobile phone to use the new USB 3.0 micro-B interface. Unlike standard USB cables, USB cables for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 feature a new wider, two part connector. Built for the newer USB 3.0 spec, this cable has five extra pins for additional power and data.

Using Note 3 Cables

For the average mobile user, the only difference between this cable and standard micro-USB cables is that it doesn't fit in a normal micro-USB port. Once you plug it into a USB 3.0 port on your computer or the appropriate Samsung charger you can see its benefits. Not only do the extra pins allow for USB SuperSpeed data transfers, but you can also get faster charges through the additional power pins.

Standard Cables

While the official Galaxy Note 3 charging and data sync cables feature the USB 3.0 micro-B connector, you can use the phone with your existing micro-USB cables. The two-part nature of the new connector means that the matching receptacle on the phone has a standard micro-receptacle mounted beside the new one so you can use a standard cable with it.

Other Samsung Phones

Note that while the Samsung Galaxy S5 shares the same connector as the Note 3, charging and data sync cables for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 reverted to the standard micro-USB format. It makes swapping cables much easier, but does mean that the later phone lacks the rapid data transfer of its predecessor.

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