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Are you in the market for a Fire Flying Pokémon to join your pack? Are you looking for an Oricorio? Are you looking for a Motres? Or are you looking for the ever-popular Charizard to Fire Spin or Blast Burn his way into your pack? 

Whatever your desire, be sure to check out the incredible range of Charizard Pokémon cards on eBay available for you to select from. You will find a substantial number of reputable sellers, both local and international, of Pokémon trading cards. 

Charizard's personality is what wins many a heart. He went from happy and loyal as a Charmander. To becoming disrespectful, arrogant, overconfident, and prideful as he exceeded that of his trainer Ash. Then to stubborn, lazy, prideful, and short-tempered as he evolved into Charizard, and Ash won his respect and loyalty once more.

Charizard's Move set includes

  • Mega punch and Mega kick
  • Fly, Wing attack and Steel wing
  • Flamethrower and Flame burst
  • Slash and Air slash
  • Dragon claw and Shadow claw
  • Dragon breath, Dragon Tail, and Dragon rage
  • Thunder punch and Seismic toss
  • Fire blitz, Fire spin, Fire fang, Fire blast and Blast burn
  • Overheat

Charizard's alternate forms are

  • Mega Charizard Y is triggered by a Trainer with a strong bond to Charizard, a key stone and a Charizardite Y. In this form, its offensive stats and special defences go up, and wings grow significantly as well as wings on its arms, increasing its ability to fly.
  • Mega Charizard X is also triggered by a Trainer with a strong bond to Charizard, a key stone, and a Charizardite X. Most of Charizard's stats exclude special defence and speed increase. The strength and intensity of its flames have increased to turning its flames blue and replacing Charizard's flying type with dragon type.

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