Find your next silk tie or crisp business shirt by shopping the Charles Tyrwhitt range on eBay. 

Each day at work can become just like the next when you don't have stunning business shirts to break up the working week. 

Introducing Charles Tyrwhitt, the United Kingdom's largest purveyor of fine shirts. The brand specialises in crafting shirts made from 100% cotton, with detailed finishes, durable twin-needle stitching and sharp and striking collars. Charles Tyrwhitt guarantees a timeless quality and aesthetic to their clothes: buy them today and still be sporting them in half a decade. 

The brand is also known for their colourful, scene-stealing silk ties and pocket squares that are able to transform a humble suit to a statement look. Accessorising is key. 

Relatively new to the sartorial scene, Charles Tyrwhitt all started in 1986 when the owner Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler believed his shirts were above and beyond others on the market. It was also about serving up a bit of British charm to the masses. 

The menswear brand has evolved to include formal shirts, suits, shoes and ties, plus more casual offerings including knitwear. 

Their flagship store can be found on the iconic Jermyn Street in London, but the brand has stores in iconic cities such as New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Paris. You won't find any Charles Tyrwhitt stores in Australia, but you will find some of their most popular products right here on eBay. 

The brand is also popular across social media, with a massive 239,000+ Facebook likes and 79,000+ Instagram followers. They also draw in shoppers with their chic, impeccably-dressed shop staff members who show that a fitted waistcoat never goes astray. 

Charles Tyrwhitt has also stepped up their game with an Ethical Trading Policy based on the UK Ethical Trading Initiative meaning their manufacturing policies are sustainable and ethical.