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French cooking with Chasseur

Chasseur hails from the Ardennes region in France known all around the world for its food and wine. Founded in 1924 by Fernand Seur the company remained in his family for almost 90 years. All Chasseur products are still made in the original Invictus foundry and enamel plant in France. Chasseur is recognised internationally for its strong and durable enamel-coated cast iron cookware.

Chasseur choices

You don't need to be a cordon bleu chef to enjoy these lively, kitchenware products that ooze personality and flair. Chasseur offers hundreds of products ranging from kitchenware, cookware, bakeware, pottery to home decorations. The full range comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and an array of vivid colours (there are a massive number of colours in any range). Chasseur items add style and charm to any kitchen. Their products range from cups and kettles to saucepans, to their well known French oven and casserole dishes.

Hand-crafted by French artisanal masters all cast-iron casserole and cast iron cookware are manufactured according to an ancient process giving each Chassuer product its beautiful solid or shaded colour. When you add Chasseur to your kitchen, you can have a little bit of authentic French style to your cooking.


Enamelled cast-iron is ideal for grilling, simmering, roasting or solely for re-heating. The heat is distributed evenly, and it's resistant to high temperatures. This means it retains heat to keep food hot. So, you can turn the oven down low to let the casserole simmer in its sauce until it's ready.

Get cooking

There are countless ways to prepare food; Chasseur has the tools to help make food taste great. The Rectangular Grill, or Panini Press, is one way to cook, meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. It's a heavy ribbed grill which gives professional-looking seared lines every time. The Oval Shaped French Oven is ideal for cooking a whole chicken or a leg of lamb and is excellent for slow cooking a stew or soup. Create delicately light crepes with a Chasseur Crepe Pan – nothing could be more French, enjoy them sweet or savoury.

The Low Round Casserole dish keeps food moist and retains the flavour, a great pot to cook pasta dishes or risottos. The Le Cuivre Saucepan range is suitable for cooking sauces or gravies, or sautéing or reheating. The curved handle makes it easy to cook and move the pot. It's made with copper at its core which means the heat is distributed quickly and evenly. A lifetime of gourmet cooking experiences and pleasure awaits.

Pottery Delights

The Chasseur pottery and dinnerware range also come in a selection of beautiful colours that could complement your cast iron collection. They also work as stand-alone pieces, bringing charm to any kitchen table. Breakfast will never look as appealing again as it will with a Chasseur butter dish. It fits a stick of butter under the lid and keeps it covered in the fridge. To really wow your guests, team up with a set of matching egg cups.