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Cheap Monday was originally a Swedish brand, and it brought a wonderful fresh Nordic breath of air to Australian fashion. Known for its iconic skull logo and its low priced skinny jeans, the brand became popular for its distinctive grungy looks and its nihilistic attitude. Cheap Monday was bought out by H&M a few years ago but continued to offer the usual array of jeans, tees, sweatshirts, and accessories afterwards. Sadly, H&M closed down the label recently, citing a decrease in popularity. But don't despair - you can still find a great selection of recent and vintage Cheap Monday brand clothing right here!

Cheap Monday jeans

Skinny jeans aren't the only cut of jeans that Cheap Monday produced, but they are the ones that the brand is most well known for. Skinny jeans are a great way to make your legs look longer and thinner, and with the small amount of spandex that Cheap Monday often added to its jeans, they can be surprisingly comfortable as well.

The brand aimed to produce sustainable, organic denim that was great quality but not overpriced. They're a great choice if you're eco conscious and want to wear products that don't take more than they give back to the environment. You can find a great selection of Cheap Monday high rise, low rise, and mid rise skinny and slim leg jeans here, and even the occasional vintage pair of boot cut jeans.

Cheap Monday men's tees

Cheap Monday tee shirts are beautifully nihilistic, especially in the aftermath of the brand's demise. While many simply feature the brand's most recent version of its iconic skull logo, others are emblazoned with ambiguous statements like, "The future looked bright” and "Over my dead body”. Keep an eye out for the rare collectors' item: Cheap Monday tees displaying the original skull logo with an inverted cross between its eye sockets rather than the later vertical line.

Cheap Monday men's shirts

Cheap Monday produced some nice men's casual button down shirts, in both solid black and patterns. You'll find mostly long sleeved varieties, but there's the occasional short sleeved shirt available as well. These aren't ideal for the office, but make good "smart casual' outfit pieces with a pair of jeans or chinos.

Cheap Monday women's clothes

Cheap Monday women's clothes tended strongly toward its main strengths - skinny jeans, tees, and sweats. However, they also produced some denim booty shorts and cut-offs, and you'll often find these available here. They're usually not quite as nihilistic as the men's clothing, but they do have an air of classic skater chic. Cotton twill shorts in various colours were also popular, so you'll see these popping up occasionally.

Cheap Monday men's jeans

Jeans were always Cheap Monday's first love, and it shows in the variety of options that you'll find here. There's a great selection of men's and unisex new and vintage jeans - mostly skinny and slim cut, as those were Cheap Monday's signature look. Have a browse through, and keep an eye out for treasures like acid wash and red stone wash pieces that are near impossible to buy in shops these days. If you're more into the traditional blue and black jeans colours, though, you'll also find these in abundance.

Logo shirts

These will be collectors' items soon, so snap them up quickly. The classic skull logo is immediately recognisable to aficionados of the Cheap Monday brand. You'll find it on t-shirts and sweatshirts, generally in black on white or white on black, as a main focus or a small pocket adornment. If plain logos aren't your style, you'll also find a selection of tees with Cheap Monday blazoned on the front.

Jeans sizing

Unlike most clothing, jeans are often sized based on waist measurement in inches. This works well for men; it can be a bit of a minefield for women, since hip measurement is also a key contributor to the fit of pants - and it's often not included with jeans. On the bright side, cotton does have a bit of stretch to it, so jeans that are tight when you receive them could well become comfortable after you wear them a few times. If you're lucky enough to already have a pair of jeans that fit well, check the size and also measure your own waist circumference. See how the two compare - if there's a big difference, enlist a friend or neighbour to repeat the measurement for you.

Get your hip measurement while you're at it. Sometimes this will be included in the item listing, and having it allows for a more reliable fit. If you find that there's still a difference between your jeans size and your waist measurement, it could have something to do with the cut of the jeans - a lot of the low slung jeans of years past were more reliant on hip circumference than waist. The other possibility is that your existing pair of jeans were simply oddly sized; measure the circumference of their waistband and see if it matches the labelled size. When in doubt, use the measurements from your own body rather than those from a piece of clothing.

Shirt sizing

To get shirt sizing right, you'll need to measure your chest circumference. This is best done by someone else, while you stand upright with your arms out away from your body. Once you have your chest measurement in centimetres and inches, measure a favourite shirt that fits well, from armpit to armpit. Some sellers will include chest circumference in their shirt listing, while others will list the measurement of the shirt when it's lying flat, so it's handy to have both. Keep in mind that US sellers will often use inches in their listings, while sellers in other countries will typically use centimetres.

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