Cheese Boards

Part cutting board, part serving platter, cheese boards are a cornerstone of entertaining guests. Usually made from wood or bamboo, but occasionally from other materials like ceramic, stainless steel or marble, cheese boards allow you to lay out not just cheeses, but anything that will go on a cracker. Really, any finger food can go on a cheese board, but the cheese board’s real strength is that it also doubles as a cutting board for the cheese. Some cheese boards take this a step further by integrating hidden drawers that house a range of knives and other tools to help you and your guests cut cheese and other food and spread it onto a cracker. Other cheese boards integrate a wire cutter that eliminates the need for a knife altogether. This can be helpful as it prevents people from having to struggle awkwardly and make a mess on the board, and with the ability to cut the cheese thinner comes the ability to enjoy the cheese longer.

Dinner Parties

Entertaining guests for dinner takes more than a cheese board with some nice cheeses, and there’s more than one way to eat cheese. Cold cuts of meat often go well with a cheese board, and these can best be served on a marble cutting board as it’s easier to wash the juices off and keep the board free of any remaining odours. Fruit and spreads can be served on a plate of some description, and if you’ve got some artisanal bread it’ll go great on a handmade wooden cutting board. The main event is of course dinner, and you’ll want to pay just as much attention to the presentation of your main dishes as your appetisers and nibbles. Silver or stainless steel serving dishes and plates are a good start for the centrepiece, and optional extras and sauces can be provided in little matching ceramic or glass bowls.