Cheese Slicers

Cheese slicers

Safer and often easier to handle than knives, the trusty cheese slicer has been a feature of the kitchen peeler and slicer range for quite some time and taken up home in kitchen drawers around the world. Easy to use and durable, theres a cheese slicer perfect for any kitchen available in a variety of designs and styles.

Stainless steel cheese slicers

Perfect to use when slicing up cheese for sandwiches, or for use with cheese boards, stainless steel cheese slicers or cheese planes contain a single shielded blade which is pulled along the surface of the slab of cheese in the same way you would plane a piece of wood. Not only is the blade not exposed making it safer than using a cheese knife, the handles are usually made from easy to grip plastic or rubbery material so your hands arent likely to slip, giving you better control.

You can also find adjustable cheese slicers that easily adapt to different size cheeses. Dishwasher safe and non tarnishable, stainless steel cheese slicers are perfect for slicing soft cheese and hard cheese.

Plastic cheese slicers

Available in a large variety of cool colours including green, red, purple, blue and yellow, plastic cheese slicers are great for slicing cheese quickly and cleanly with no crumbling. This simple kitchen utensil has a thick and thin slicer on each end making each slice of cheese you cut perfectly even with no risk of cutting yourself.

Cheese slicers with cutting boards

Popular in both wooden, and stainless steel varieties, this type of cheese slicer looks a little like a hacksaw and due to its large exposed blade, its ideal for cutting very large slabs of cheese or butter. Its perfect for cutting cooked meat too. Anti rust and corrosion resistant, the accompanying cutting board comes with a deep groove a third of the way down to line up your meat, cheese or butter for an accurate, clean cut.

Eliminate your need for a cheese knife and find the right type of cheese slicer to accompany your cheese board in an array of styles and colours here on eBay.