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Chevrolet Books and Manuals

Chevrolets, or Chevys, are one of the most iconic divisions of General Motors (GM). Forming in 1911, Chevrolet vehicles have been a formidable force within the automobile industry and they sell and manufacture all over the world. Unsurprisingly, old Chevrolet car and truck parts, advertisements, and manuals are valued auto-collectors for car enthusiasts and long-term Chevrolet supporters. Whether it’s old automotive part lists or vintage Chevrolet manuals, these items are valuable pieces of Chevrolet’s history.


Chevrolet books and manuals might seem like dry reads on the surface. However, after moving past car registration and purchase terms and conditions, Chevrolet manuals become significantly more interesting. Chevrolet books and manuals discuss and dissect everything from performance upgrades to model specifications to engine restoration. Filled with interesting facts, full-colour photos and technical specifications, Chevrolet books and manuals are must-reads for anyone with an interest in cars or trucks.


For auto enthusiasts, vintage Chevrolet books are just as engaging as old automotive parts. The topics of these books range from owner instructions to performance tests. Unique car illustrations and retro car photos display alongside informative infographics and engaging owner testimonials. The Chevrolet Rebuild series, which detailed the process of rebuilding and re-tuning Chevrolet engines, is one of the most popular Chevrolet manual series.

Valuable Memorabilia

Auto collectors place significant value in old Chevrolet cars, parts, manuals and books. As collectibles, these items may have significant monetary value if you can find the right buyer. However, the real benefits of Chevrolet books and manuals is their value as personal memorabilia. As memorabilia, these iconic Chevrolet collectibles can become unforgettable gifts, eye-catching decorations or even educational material for kids.

Unseen Information

Admire the old-fashioned writing and photography in Chevrolet books and manuals. Model manuals trace Chevrolet’s history from 1911 to the present. Older Chevrolet books and manuals cite and use archived information about Chevrolet’s early days as a division of General Motors, documenting the evolution of Chevrolet’s engine’s and models. The potential to find never-seen-before information will be enough to intrigue anyone who is passionate about Chevrolet or cars in general.

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