Chevrolet Collector Cars

Collectible Chevrolets

To most Australians, General Motors is largely synonymous with the Holden brand. The company makes and sells cars under a wide range of badges, but once they come to Australia, they are all Holdens. Thats not the case for much of the rest of the world where the classic General Motors brand is Chevrolet, a badge that we havent seen sold in here since the 1980s. Naturally, that makes most of the Chevys that are in Australia very collectible.

Imports and Collectibles

There are two ways to get your hands on a classic Camaro or Corvette: you can either import one specially, or buy one thats already here. Importing a vehicle is often more trouble than its worth, involving a plethora of forms and requirements. Among other factors, every vehicle less than thirty years old needs converting to right hand drive, which only adds to the expense and difficulty of importing your own collector coupe or other car.

Collecting Chevrolets

While Chevy has made cars for every conceivable market segment, many of the ones that have made it here are the more performance-oriented vehicles like the Chevelle and the Nova. These classic cars made a name for themselves on American streets before finding their way into movies and television. With almost a century of production, there are always models available no matter what your personal taste might be.

Restoration Projects

Not every Chevrolet Camaro is ready to drive; some need a lot of work to get on the road. Its always important to decide what you want before you start looking for the ride of your dreams. Some people want a car they can drive immediately, but others get more of a reward from rebuilding a car from the ground up and making it their own.

Corvette Summers

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most iconic sports cars on the planet, and a great collector car for any Chevy aficionado. These cars feature large-displacement V8 engines driving the rear wheels for the ultimate driving experience. Its a great way to stand out from the crowd.