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Chicken and Waterfowl Supplies

When keeping poultry and waterfowl in your backyard, you'll need chicken and poultry supplies to keep your birds healthy. In addition to food and water, you'll need a shelter, healthcare supplies and possibly a fence.

House and Coop Supplies for Chickens and Waterfowl

To protect your animals, search for some chicken supplies like a house or coop that you can close up at night. Most have an attached screened in compartment where your chickens or other poultry can get fresh air. There may be a separate section to include nests with a roof that lifts up to collect eggs from outside the coop. Likewise, the roof over the enclosed section provides protection from rain, wind and the sun.

Drinkers and Feeders for Chickens and Waterfowl

Both drinkers and feeders may dispense water and food on demand. Drink cups attach to a water line such as a PVC pipe or you can use a portable drinker you refill manually. Automatic chicken feeders are made from aluminium or plastic and are available in different sizes and shapes suitable for your specific application. Additionally, there's a selection of food such as dried mealworms and other chicken feed that contains protein and essential amino acids.