Children's Ballet Tutu

Children's Ballet Tutu

All young budding ballerinas love to dress up in tutus and feel like a star. While tutus regular garments for professional dancers, young girls can wear them in dance class, for competitions, for shows or just dancing around at home. Young ladies feel special when wearing a tutu and children's dancewear as it gives them extra confidence to be the best dancer they can be. Gymnasts may also wear them for when they are competing. Girls young and old can also wear tutus as part of a costume for a party and be the envy of all their girlfriends.

Full Dress Tutu or Skirt

Children's tutus come in different styles, mainly as a dress or a skirt with benefits for each. A tutu skirt is great for pulling up over leotards, singlets or t-shirts and can matched with different colours. A tutu dress does not require your child to wear a separate top piece of clothing, as it's an all in one.

Tutu Decoration

While many tutus are a standard plain light pink, it is possible to find many different colours of tutus including blue, purple, white or red. Some tutus come with decoration such as sequins, sparkles or satin ribbon trim.

Tutu Material

Tutus are usually tulle, which when layered over itself gives the famous puffy look. Tulle is very lightweight, but it is possible to cause tears and damage easily, so children must take care when wearing tutus.

Complete the Look

It takes more than just a pretty tutu to complete the look of a beautiful ballerina. Make sure your child has a good pair of girl's ballet tights and dance shoes so she can really look the part. If the tutu is only a skirt and not a full dress, then you will need a girl's dance leotard to put underneath. There are many looks that you can achieve with mixing different leotards, tutus and tights.