Children's Cutlery


Make Learning Fun And Easy With Kid’s Cutlery

Learning to eat with cutlery can be both exciting and daunting for your little one. That’s why there are cutlery sets especially designed for little hands. These come in cute and colourful designs to make it fun for your child to use while learning.

How do you introduce cutlery to your baby?

Introducing your child to using cutlery is a three-step process. Start off with just a spoon with an easy to hold handle. The spoon could be made of plastic, or the spoon part could be stainless steel with a soft plastic handle. However, it’s recommended that you only introduce metal cutlery once your child is around 2 years old.

Next, move on to introducing a fork and teach your child how to stab food to pick it up. Make sure that the ends of the tines aren’t too sharp.

Eventually, you want to add a knife to the mix but it’s advisable to start with a plastic knife that isn’t too sharp.

There are many cutlery sets for toddlers that only include a spoon and fork. These sets are ideal for first introducing your child to using cutlery.

Once your little one has mastered these tools, you can get cute kid’s cutlery sets that also include a knife. These come in popular themes like Paw Patrol,  Frozen, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Peppa Pig and other kid’s favourites.

The bright and colourful designs will make mealtimes fun and will encourage your child to want to use cutlery instead of his or her fingers.

You can even get chopsticks for young children. These help to develop fine motor skills in your child and can be fun to play with.

Make it fun

When you first teach your child to use cutlery, make it a fun experience. Consider putting together some picnic food and get out your folding picnic table for a casual meal or snack.  Add a couple of sturdy folding chairs and sit down with your child to eat.

Learning is always easier for young children when we turn it into a game.