Children's Dancewear

Childrens Dancewear

Kids of all ages love to move their bodies, which makes dance a fantastic way for children to express themselves. Whether its tap, ballet, jazz or even gymnastics, movement keeps kids active and teaches them flexibility and coordination. Children need the right garments when it comes to dancing, as dancewear is made to move right along with the body and keep kids comfortable all day.

Dance Leotards

As a one-piece outfit that is easy to jump and move in, a leotard is both practical and eye-catching, depending on the design you choose. They range from basic practice styles to more elaborate and colourful performance leotards. Styles run the gamut from sleeveless to long-sleeved options, and they are typically made of stretchy Spandex material. Leotards come with or without embellishments such as rhinestones, ruffles or metallic accents.

Ballerina Tutus

A ballerina isnt a ballerina without her tutu, and girls love twirling and swirling in these signature skirts. Made of soft layers of tulle fabric, tutus slip over a leotard or coordinate with a top or dance costume to create a dance outfit that is stage-worthy. Some leotards even have built-in tutus. These range from simple and plain to detailed and decorated performance tutus. Tutus come in many colours, and some tie around the waist with ribbons while others slip on with an elastic waist design. Additionally, tutus are sometimes bedazzled with gems or ribbons.

Dance Tights

Keep your childs legs warm with the right tights. Tights complement leotards and tutus and give legs the support they need while dancing. There are several types of tights, including footed and footless, and these necessary supplies come in a variety of colours and styles, including pink, white, black and nude. Ballet tights are generally opaque, though you can purchase shimmer tights for performances. Convertible tights change from footed to footless for added convenience.

Dance Tops

A tutu and tights is only missing one thing; a matching top. Dancers usually pair a crop top with either dance bottoms or skirts. Tops are generally slim-fitting and made of Spandex for flexibility. Choose sets for a matching top and bottoms, or match tops with coordinating shorts, briefs or skirts for a complete dance outfit.