Children's Lunchboxes & Bags

What You Should Consider Before Buying Children's Lunchboxes and Bags

When a child prefers to pack a lunch for school or a class outing, having the right lunchbox or bags ensures that the food is protected and sanitary. There are many fun colours, styles, and themes of plastic lunch box items and bags available in order to suit a child's preferences or personality. On eBay, you can pick from different types, sizes, features, brands, and materials of children's lunchboxes and lunch bags for sale at low prices.

Which types of affordable children's lunch bags or boxes are available?

The available types of lightweight children's lunchboxes and bags include:

  • Bento boxes: These feature separated or divided shallow boxes with a snap-on lid.
  • Lunchboxes: These have one large area for storing a packed lunch. The outside typically has one or two handles for carrying.
  • Lunch bag: This may have two or more divided compartments for placement of an ice pack and separation of the food. They snap or fold closed.
Materials from which a new lunchbox or bags are made

The materials used in a children's insulated lunch bag include plastics such as foam, vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride. The lunchboxes may be made of metal or plastic. There are also children's bento box items made with plastic for the box and lid. Nylon is typically used for the carrying straps. Fabric, such as woven canvas or burlap, may be used for the outer layer of an insulated lunch bag.

Designs, themes, and patterns of a kids' insulated lunch bag

The available themes, patterns, and designs of the children's insulated lunch bags and lunchboxes include:

  • Animals: Choose realistic or cartoon cats, dogs, bears, pigs, or butterflies.
  • Cartoons: Some options include Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Minions.
  • Characters: The options include Harry Potter, Monster High, and Power Rangers.
  • Themes: Some options are princess, robots, sports, vehicles, and cupcakes.
  • Designs: There are animal print, flower, nature, galaxy, space, and rainbow designs.
How do you choose the right children's lunchboxes or bags?

When you are shopping for a lunchbox or bag for your child, consider their:

  • Brand: Some options include Thermos, Disney, and Zak.
  • Colour: There are black, white, silver, gold, and the full spectrum of rainbow colours. You can also pick a multi-coloured design.
  • Condition: Choose a new or gently used lunchbox or bag.
  • Accessories: The children's lunchboxes may include a water bottle, thermos, bowl and lid, or reusable fork and spoon.
  • Features: Choose one with two or more handles, buckles, outside pockets, or food dividers.