Children's Placemats & Sets


Make Mealtimes Fun With Colourful Kid’s Place Mats

Kid’s place mats are not only practical for protecting your precious oak dining table, but they can also make mealtimes more fun for your kids. This can be especially useful if you have a fussy eater who is reluctant to sit quietly at the table during family mealtimes.

Bright colours and amusing designs keep your child occupied

Many kid’s place mats feature bright colours and sometimes even, amusing designs that will draw your children’s eyes and keep them focused. This helps to keep your child amused while the rest of the family is enjoying their meal.

These can also help to distract your child when you’re trying to get him or her to eat new foods. For this reason, choose place mats that are really bright and colourful and that depict characters that your child might be familiar with.

When you turn mealtimes into a game, it can make the whole experience more enjoyable for both you and your child.

Kid’s place mats aren’t just for mealtimes

Kid’s place mats can also be used for other activities that you do with your child. For example, you can put a brightly coloured place mat on your black glass coffee table when you want to enjoy some playdough activities with your child.

The place mat will protect your table and provide a nice smooth surface for moulding and kneading. Similarly, kid’s place mats are ideal for clay and painting activities. Or you can use them when you’re teaching your child how to make biscuits in the kitchen.

Kid’s place mats are portable

Most place mats can be rolled up and neatly tucked into a bag. This means that you can take your child’s favourite place mat along when you’re planning a family meal at a restaurant, or you’ve been invited to a friend’s place for dinner.

You can also take your child’s place mat to your regular playgroup day for when you know that the kids are going to indulge in some messy play. Using place mats makes clean-up so much easier. 

You can even tuck a favourite place mat into your child’s kindergarten bag to make mealtimes a little less stressful when your child is away from home.