Chin Up Strength Training Home Gyms

There is no denying that a gym membership can get expensive. From admin fees to the membership itself to even driving there, the cost can all add up. In winter, it can even be too tempting to stay in bed, so you are essentially throwing your dollars away for every day you dont go.

When the weather is too cold outside and you have no motivation, strength training home gyms provide you with the privacy and the drive to focus on your workout. Its the perfect start to the day, too - simply roll out of bed and begin working your muscles at your chin up station. You can even train in your pyjamas!

Benefits of doing chin-ups

Chin ups are one of the best exercises you can do for strength training . Working on a number of muscle groups including the latissimius dorsi and biceps, chin ups protect your body from injury, improves your stamina, and even elevates your basal metabolic rate. As you age, strength training can also offer relief from the symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis.

How to do a chin up

Using just your own body weight and a bar, simply grip the bar with your palms facing your torso. Your arms should be straight. Then, slowly move your feet off the ground or chair and pull your chin just above the bar, curving your arms and pushing your chest out. Hang in this position for 30 seconds. Then, lower yourself back down until your arms are straight. Repeat this as often as you can.

A chin up dip station can offer you convenience with minimal equipment, as well as a challenging workout to several different muscles in the upper body. Best of all, you dont need to go to a fitness superstore to buy your chin up stations - instead, shop online at eBay for an affordable range of strength training home gym attachments.