Chinese Notes

Add some charm to your collection with some Chinese notes

As a collector of Chinese banknotes, you will not be disappointed with the treasures youll find here on eBay.

Hell money

Some of the most exciting curios include Chinese hell bank notes. Although these are not an official currency or legal tender, they make a nice addition to any collection. As an offering to the spirit world to resolve their ancestors financial problems, these notes would become burnt offerings to the deceased. These Asian notes come in very high denominations and are very bright and appealing to the eye.

Commemorative notes

There are so many stunningly beautiful Chinese banknotes. Many have been issued to commemorate special events and celebrate the lives of important people. In 2015, a 100 yuan note to celebrate the success of the Peoples Republic of China in the exploration of space was issued. Keep your eyes open for these notes featuring a blue image of a spacecraft as part of the Chinese Yuan Renminbi series.

Gold coloured notes

It became very popular to print commemorative notes in a gold colour, even using 24K gold foil on a lot of them. The 2013, 100 yuan with an image of Bruce Lee is a striking example of the gold notes. Be sure to view the gold banknote issued in 2008 for the Beijing summer Olympic games. The front image is the national stadium known as ‘The Birdsnest and the reverse shows a Greek discus thrower. Youll even find some of these gold notes with raised 3D effects.

If you are just starting out with your collection, it is possible to buy a bundle of mixed notes to get you going, with hell bank notes also available in reasonably large bundles. You can even find an alternative to notes that were used during rationing, such as coupons for rice and grain. It is finds like this that really deepen an understanding of the history of not only Chinese culture, but the economy as well.