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When it comes to snacks, the potato chip has to be a winner. This popular snack is great for when the munchies hit, or as a social snack amongst friends. Whatever your favourite flavour is we have a huge selection to suit your taste buds available on eBay.  

Chips are a delicious snack that is loved the world over, but have you ever wondered how they became so popular? It’s not surprising that they hail from America, but what is surprising about the origins of this much-loved snack is it was created by accident. That’s right they were invented in 1853 by Chef George Crum when a customer ordered a plate of French fries and sent them back to because he felt they were too thick and soft. As revenge, Crum sliced the new batch of potatoes as thinly as possible, fried them until they were crunchy, and topped them with a generous helping of salt. Voila, the customer loved the new dish and a new snack was born! 

Today, everyone loves this moreish snack and so many flavours like salt and vinegar to BBQ have been created. There are even cheese balls and puff snacks that fall into the chip family, with so many tasty options, it’s practically impossible to say no to chips.   

Another classic snack to share with friends or enjoy whilst watching a movie is popcorn.  Whether you prefer plain, salt or sweet, hot or cold, popcorn is a firm favourite in the snacks department. Not only does it taste great but has a mouth-watering aroma that is instantly recognisable.   

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