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Chopsticks galore for an authentic Asian dining experience

Chopsticks are eating and cooking utensils that have been around for 6,000 years. They are synonymous with Eastern cuisine, namely Chinese and Japanese.

Although the sticks come in a pair of the same length, the lengths can vary depending on their country of origin and for their intended use. Typically, in Japan, when used for eating, chopsticks are quite short- around 7-8 inches tapering into a point. In China, they usually are longer, around 10 inches and blunter at the end. For cooking, they average between 12 and 15 inches. The type of chopsticks you choose will depend on the use but also the style, as they come in a range of materials with each having different qualities.

Bamboo chopsticks

Bamboo chopsticks are lightweight and durable. They are reusable and affordable and are usually bought in a set. They usually have an authentic oriental design and can look very pretty on the table, alongside having a good grip on food.

Wood chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks, unlike bamboo, are not water resistant and can leave splinters when eating. If buying wooden chopsticks opt for the lacquered variety as they last a lot longer.

Stainless-steel chopsticks

Like the bamboo, the stainless-steel chopsticks are durable and affordable. They can be cleaned at hot temperatures also. However, many of them are plain in design and can be “slippy” when used for eating. Because of their ability to withstand temperatures they are perfect for cooking, especially stir-fries.

Plastic chopsticks

Plastic chopsticks are cheap, lightweight, long-lasting and simple to clean. They are common in restaurants that do not use disposable chopsticks.

Porcelain chopsticks

Usually, porcelain chopsticks have an intricate and well-crafted design and grip food well.

Whatever chopsticks you opt for you can be sure theyll be a fun addition to any dinner party or family meal, as opposed to the usual cutlery. Deciding on the type of chopsticks you opt for is on the whole down to personal preference and to ensure they will match your overall table decor.