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Want to achieve classic chic without spending a fortune? Browse our range of Dior women's clothes and accessories. Since 1947 Christian Dior has been designing fashion for women that defines elegance and sophistication, and captures the essence of women in each era. 

The reason for Dior's success over the years is the attention paid to quality craftsmanship, and this goes for all items in the collection from dresses to scarves, shoes to watches. Expert ateliers work hard to turn the designer's wishes into a finished product the owner can be proud to wear. 

Handbags are a must-have accessory, and a carefully crafted handbag, even one that is pre-loved, retains a classic style, complements most outfits, and will outlast many of the newer models. 

Vintage Dior clothing is a favourite among collectors, as the classic pieces are easy to re-interpret in today's context. Mix and match a vintage skirt or shirt with something from a more modern collection, and you have a look that is uniquely your own. Dior pieces also work well as office wear, as the classic tailoring lends itself to looking smart, sleek, and work-ready. 

Not what you're looking for? You can find a range of women's accessories among our range of Dior women's accessories. Christian Dior perfumes also make great gifts. While you're on this page, why not check out the selection of Dior perfumes for women. All are available online today. 

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