Bake your Christmas tasty with Christmas cookie cutters

Everyone loves a Christmas cookie. To make your Christmas cookies extra-festive, why not use a Christmas cookie cutter?

The best Christmas cookie cutter shapes for Christmas

Christmas cookie cutters are the best way to achieve a clear festive shape for your Christmas cookies. When choosing which Christmas cookie cutter to use, keep in mind that your cookie batter will expand in the oven. When it does this, the cookie’s shape will warp and change. For this reason, try to choose a cookie-cutter shape with less intricate detail. Good examples include Christmas tree shapes, bauble shapes and people shapes for gingerbread men.

Christmas cookie flavours

Using a Christmas cookie cutter to make your cookies into festive shapes is only half the fun. To truly call your cookies Christmas cookies they have to be the right flavour. Gingerbread is a traditional Christmas cookie flavour. From singular gingerbread men to entire gingerbread houses it’s almost impossible to escape the warm spice of this Christmas classic. Other popular Christmas cookie flavours include sugar cookies and shortbread.

How to decorate Christmas cookies

Once you’ve shaped your cookies with a Christmas cookie cutter and then baked them, it’s time to start decorating. There are so many ways to decorate your Christmas cookies. You can go simple and elegant with basic white frosting, or extravagant with all the decorations you can fit.

  • Icing: With a little bit of food colouring, you can transform your icing from simple to simply incredible.
  • Chocolates: Candy-coated chocolates make great buttons, eyes and extra detailing.
  • Lollies: Sour lollies, sweet gummies and everything in between can be used in so many creative ways.
  • Sprinkles: Make great colour fillers for larger areas of your cookie like hair on a gingerbread man or the red of Santa’s hat.

Serve your Christmas cookies on a Christmas plate with festive napkins to wipe away the crumbs.

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