Christmas Gift Bags

Make gifting easy with Christmas gift bags

Wrapping presents can easily become the bane of anyone’s existence at Christmas time. With so many presents to give out, it can be hard to find the will to cut and stick wrapping paper for them all. Not to mention dressing said presents with bows, ribbons and other decorations. With Christmas gift bags, this nuisance is eliminated.

Christmas gift bags versus wrapping paper

Christmas gift bags hold certain advantages over gift wrap.

  • They are easy to use. Unlike wrapping paper, Christmas gift bags do not require a lengthy process of measuring and cutting paper, as well as folding and sticking it down around a present. Simply insert the present into the gift bag and you’re all done.
  • They are time efficient. Wrapping a present with wrapping paper can take a lot of time, especially when taking care to be precise. With a gift bag, it takes mere seconds to insert the present inside.
  • They require minimal dexterity. Gift wrapping with wrapping paper can be fiddly. This can make it difficult for individuals with fine motor issues to wrap their gifts presentably. No such troubles are generally had with Christmas gift bags because they require no folding, measuring or sticking to use.
  • They look neat and presentable without decoration. Presents wrapped in gift wrap tend to look unfinished without additions like Christmas ribbons and bows. Christmas gift bags suffer from no such problems.

Christmas gift bags versus gift boxes

Christmas gift bags can also be more advantageous than gift boxes.

  • They are more flexible. Gift boxes are made out of rigid cardboard which makes it difficult to hold abstractly shaped presents with unusual dimensions. By contrast, Christmas gift bags have flexible sides which will mould somewhat around an unusually shaped present.
  • They are easier to carry with one hand. Christmas gift bags have handles that can be carried with one hand. Gift boxes generally must be carried with two hands which makes it more difficult to carry other items like keys, food and additional gifts.

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