Christmas Gift Boxes

Make gifting easy with Christmas gift boxes

Wrapping presents is undoubtedly one of the least loved parts of Christmas time. With so many presents to give out, it can be hard to cut and stick wrapping paper for them all. Dressing presents with bows & ribbons and other decorations can also be extra time-consuming. With Christmas gift boxes, this pain is gone.

Christmas gift boxes versus wrapping paper

Christmas gift boxes hold certain advantages over gift wrap.

  • They are easy to use. Unlike wrapping paper, Christmas gift boxes do not require a lengthy process of measuring and cutting paper, as well as folding and sticking it down around a present. Simply insert the present into the gift box and you’re all done.
  • They are time efficient. Wrapping a present with wrapping paper can take a lot of time, especially when taking care to be precise. With a gift box, it takes mere seconds to insert the present inside and place the lid on top.
  • They require minimal dexterity. Gift wrapping with wrapping paper can be fiddly. This can make it difficult for individuals with fine motor issues to wrap their gifts presentably. No such troubles are generally had with Christmas gift boxes because they require no folding, measuring or sticking to use.
  • They can be pre-decorated. Some Christmas gift boxes can be pre-made with ribbons so that you don’t have to put one on yourself. 

Christmas gift boxes versus gift bags

Christmas gift boxes can also be more advantageous than gift bags.

  • They are more sturdy. The rigid cardboard of a Christmas gift box is much more sturdy than the flexible material of a gift bag. As such, you can put a heavy Christmas gift inside without worrying about it falling through the bottom, or snapping any handles.
  • They come in larger sizes. Gift boxes can be found in very large sizes for very large presents. It is more unusual to find gift bags in a comparable size.

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