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Wrap it up: A guide to Christmas gift wrap

Why do we wrap presents?

It’s hard to imagine Christmas presents sitting unwrapped under the Christmas tree. Without Christmas gift wrap there’s no surprise waiting and no anticipation in the lead up to the big day. But have you ever stopped to wonder how the practice of wrapping presents even began?

Wrapping presents is a tradition in many cultures, dating back hundreds of years. Originally, presents were mainly wrapped to conceal the identity of the gift until just the right moment. Nothing much has changed in that regard. However, presents have not always been wrapped in the way that we’re familiar with. In generations past, they were wrapped in simple tissue paper or cloth.

How to wrap with Christmas gift wrap

Christmas wrapping is easy to learn but hard to master. Many techniques can be used to make wrapping paper sit neatly around presents. With enough patience, these methods can be learnt. But, to cover the basics of Christmas gift wrapping all you need is a roll of wrapping paper, sticky tape and scissors.

If you want to skip the wrapping paper altogether, there are plenty of other options. Gift bags are a great alternative because they have similar prints to, and the paper-like texture of, Christmas gift-wrap, but without the fuss. More unconventional options include big gift sacks, gift boxes and small gift pouches.

Styling your Christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping can be as simple as wrapping a present and calling it a day. But to make that present extra-special, there are a few additional steps you can take.

  • Add a ribbon, bow and tag
  • Write a card with a meaningful message.

When adding these elements, try to consider how they will look under the Christmas tree. If possible, coordinate the colours of the Christmas gift wrap with the tree decorations like baubles, tinsel, lights and even the tree skirt.

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