Tie it up: Finish your presents with a Christmas bow

Making your Christmas wrapping look top-notch is simple. Just add a Christmas bow or ribbon. Whether you are a wrapping paper pro or an amateur at best, the addition of a Christmas bow or ribbon onto any present will instantly transform it into a wow-worthy gift.

Why do we use Christmas bows and ribbons?

Aside from their charming beauty, there are many reasons why Christmas bows and ribbons are used in present wrapping.

  • Sticky tape is a relatively recent invention. Historically, people used ribbons to hold the gift wrap together around a present.
  • Ribbons are useful to help attach a gift tag. For those who don’t wish to write a card, this is a convenient way to address a present.
  • Christmas bows also tell the recipient which is the top side of the present.

How to style a present with a Christmas bow or ribbon

There are a few ways to make the most of your Christmas bow and ribbon. Sure, you could just slap one onto your present and call it done. But why do that when you can achieve an elevated and beautiful look with the use of some easy tricks?

  • Consider your colour palette. Before you even buy wrapping paper, consider what colours you want to incorporate into your wrapping. Get wrapping paper and ribbon in colours that look great with each other, like blue and white. If you already have wrapping paper, pick one of the less dominant colours featured in it. That’s what colour your Christmas bow and ribbon should be.
  • Use multiple ribbons. The adage of “less is more” doesn’t necessarily apply to present wrapping. Of course, you don’t want to go over the top, but combining multiple Christmas bows or ribbons can create a striking effect. A great way to do this is by layering a thin ribbon over a wider ribbon. This trick is even more effective if the two ribbons contrast in colour, pattern and texture.
  • Tuck ephemera under the bow. Add small details like paper doilies, sprigs of dried flowers, and photobooth strips under the Christmas bow or ribbon. You could even loop a small bauble around the ribbon if you want to be extra festive. This creates a personal touch that also makes your present look gorgeous.

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