Christmas Party Garlands

The ultimate guide to Christmas garlands

What is a Christmas garland?

A garland is typically a narrow swathe or string of flowers, leaves or fabric that is draped or hung to decorate a space. A Christmas garland takes that idea and adds a festive touch. Instead of flowers and leaves, Christmas garlands are typically made of artificial pine or fir needles. Some are plain, but others are adorned with pine cones, fairy lights or a dusting of artificial snow. 

Why decorate with a Christmas garland?

There are so many reasons to decorate with a Christmas garland. 

  • Fill in a space to make it instantly festive.
  • Turn the ambience of your Christmas decor up a notch or three.
  • Complement the green branches of your Christmas tree to make your decor look more cohesive.
  • Instantly make a space look very grand and luxurious.

How to decorate with a Christmas garland

It is common to drape a Christmas garland over the mantle of a fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace but want a similar effect, try placing your Christmas garland over the front edge of a floating shelf or TV unit. Stair railings are another great place to put your Christmas garland; simply wind your garland around the bannister.

Christmas garlands can also be suitable for more unconventional places. Many shopping centres hang them across their ceilings, so why can’t you? When considering if a location is suitable for a Christmas garland, remember that they take up a lot of space. So if you want to decorate a spot that sees a lot of action, it might be best to choose smaller decor like a mini wooden Christmas tree or nutcracker.

To add some extra appeal to your Christmas garland, consider integrating extra decorations on and around it.

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