Bring Home The Yuletide Spirit With These Christmas Stockings 

Christmas is full of little custom, from decorating the tree and hanging lights and mistletoe. And let’s not forget Christmas stockings! Explore the many options of Christmas stockings available on eBay and choose your favourite one so you can welcome Santa this festive season. Shop today!

What is the story behind hanging stockings?

Christmas is incomplete without the hanging of stockings over the mantlepiece or chairs, and they are usually intended for smaller gifts such as chocolates and miniatures. 

Though there are a few legends about where the idea to hang stockings at Christmas came from, the most prominent talks about a poor farmer who had three daughters to marry off but couldn’t afford the dowry. According to legend, St Nicholas heard about this and threw gold into the bags, so the poor farmer had the dowry. St Nicholas was discovered, and word got out. Another tradition believes that Santa was coming down the chimney when gold coins fell out of his pockets – so people hung socks to try to catch them.

Of course, there are many other versions of the narrative, but the plot remains the same. 

Variety in Christmas stockings

Different families have different traditions when it comes to Christmas stockings.

  • While many people stick to the classic red felt with white trim, others want to make it their own. Putting family names on stockings makes it easier for Santa (and other family members) to figure out which stocking belongs to whom. 
  • Penguins, Santa, reindeer, and snowmen are common stocking designs.
  • If you have a pet, you can use tiny replicas of human stockings with their name on it. 
  • If you're going for a theme, it's crucial to keep the stocking decorations consistent with the rest of the house.
  • Some families opt to have sports-themed stockings. Others show ice skating, skiing, or sledding and include winter scenery, decorations, and toys. 

If your family sticks to the original traditions, a Christmas stocking will generally be filled with little gifts on Christmas morning. Prepare to embrace the Yuletide spirit by shopping for the cutest Christmas stockings on eBay today. You can also shop for wreath flowers and flower garlands for Christmas as well!