The complete guide to Christmas tree stands

What is a Christmas tree stand or Christmas tree base?

A Christmas tree stand or Christmas tree base holds your live cut Christmas tree in a secure vertical position. They are designed with a built-in trough that can be filled with water to help keep the tree nourished.

Many people find the appearance of Christmas tree stands and Christmas tree bases to be unappealing. To disguise them, it is recommended to use a Christmas tree collar or tree skirt.

Why is it important to have a Christmas tree stand or a Christmas tree base?

Without a Christmas tree stand or a Christmas tree base, your tree will not stand upright because it will be unsupported. It is important to use a specially designed stand or base rather than a regular pot because they offer more stability and reliability. 

Christmas tree stands or bases also help to keep your Christmas tree alive. They are designed to keep your tree hydrated at all times. Without water, your tree will lose its vibrant green colour and die very quickly.

Important facts about Christmas tree stands or Christmas tree bases

There are a couple of things to consider when purchasing your Christmas tree stand or base.

  • There are different types of bases for different tree sizes. The bigger your tree is, the bigger and more sturdy your tree base needs to be.
  • To gain additional stability for unevenly balanced trees, opt for an extra-large tree base.
  • You only need a tree base for a live cut tree, not for an artificial tree.

What is a Christmas tree collar?

A Christmas tree collar is a decorative cover that sits upright around the base of your tree to conceal the tree stand. Its purpose is to hide the bare metal and plastic of your Christmas tree stand or base. They can be made with many different materials like woven wicker, hammered metal and wine barrel wood. You can match the colours and materials of your Christmas tree collar with the baubles, lights and tinsel on your tree.

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