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Christmas Trees

Along with Santa Claus and a turkey dinner, a true British Christmas isn't quite complete without a Christmas tree. The traditional fir tree has been associated with Christmas celebrations for thousands of years and as the festive season approaches, it takes centre stage in homes across the world.

Often adorned with baubles and glittering details, Christmas trees are the focal point of Christmas decoration, whether in the home, outdoors or in public spaces. It's also traditional to place gifts under the Christmas tree, ready for opening on Christmas day, making it an even more exciting centrepiece when it comes to the most magical time of the year.

Types of Christmas Tree

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes, so the best one for you will depend on the space you have to fill and the finished look you'd like to go for. Artificial Christmas trees are designed to look just like the real thing, without the hassle of falling pine needles and that natural smell. You can find a range of coloured artificial Christmas trees from classic evergreen to contemporary white or black, fitting in with your decor seamlessly and providing a modern alternative to a traditional custom.

Fibre optic Christmas trees have built in lights, making them convenient and simple to set up, giving you all the sparkle you need instantly. Whether you opt for classic warm light or a multi coloured option, fibre optic Christmas trees are a popular, fuss free option that can be enjoyed year after year.

Pre lighted trees are similar to fibre optic trees in that they have built in lights, but pre lighted trees tend to have larger light bulbs attached giving a more traditional feel. With a pre lighted tree, you don't need to get tangled up with seperate lights, you can simply plug in the tree, adorn it with any extra details and away you go!

Of course, Christmas trees don't always have to emulate the traditional fir tree. Alternative Christmas trees such as weeping willow or twig trees are a great modern twist on the classic favourite and can often be slotted into smaller spaces in the home.