Fruity and refreshing Cider

If you think summer drinking and you instantly think cider, then you're in the right place. This range of apple and fruit cider has something for everyone, so stock up your fridge and enjoy.

A favourite at barbies, music festivals, and on the beach, cider is a staple of summer fun in Australia. A fruity alternative to beverages like beer, cider is an easy-to-drink choice that appeals to almost everyone. And come the chilly winter months, nothing beats a warming mulled apple cider infused with festive cinnamon and other spices.

The art of cider-making dates back to ancient Europe, when people discovered that if you crushed and fermented the autumn harvests from the orchard, the fruit would last longer and taste delicious.

Something for all tastes

If you have ever been to a cider tasting, you'll know that there are many different varieties and flavours to be discovered. For the ultimate in refreshment, try a crisp, dry cider. But don't worry if that's not your thing, there are plenty of sweeter ciders to sample as well.

If you fancy splashing out on premium cider, take a look at the booming craft cider industry. Produced by small breweries, craft ciders use the best ingredients and traditional methods to bring you a really memorable drink. They double up as a fantastic gift for a loved one too, with a pair of beer glasses to match.

It's worth being aware that ciders vary enormously when it comes to strength as well. The milder ciders can be sipped fairly safely, while the extra strong varieties can be almost as potent as wine, so it's probably worth checking before you sink a few.

It's not all about apples

An ever-increasing variety of fruits add their flavour to cider these days. While pear cider, otherwise known as Perry, dates as far back as the traditional apple cider, there are much more to try. Besides pear, you can find everything from summer berry to chocolate cider, with new and imaginative recipes popping up every day.