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Cigar Humidor

Cigar Humidor Cases

For anyone who takes their love of cigars seriously, a cigar humidor case in an investment you can’t be without. Cigar humidors are small cases or boxes where you store your cigars, in order to keep them fresh and in the best possible condition before smoking. Some people have entire rooms converted to a cigar humidor, but the most popular type is a small desktop or travel size humidor, usually from wood that keeps your cigars fresh and ready to enjoy.

Humidor Boxes

A cigar humidor box is a larger case that sits on your desktop or stows away safely somewhere, with the capacity to hold up to 100 cigars. These pieces of tobacciana are ideal for personal storage, and they come in a range of different materials and usually lined with Spanish cedar, famous for its ability to keep moisture within the case and cigars fresh for longer.

Humidor Travel Cases

If you regularly take your cigars with you, a humidor travel case would be best. These small humidors hold from 2 to 10 cigars and can easily pack away in your pocket or bag. Depending on the materials and when their manufacturers made them, these make great collectable tobacco cases, with some dating back many years.


The most common material in cigar humidor cases is a veneer of Spanish cedar, as it holds important qualities to keep cigars fresh. A Spanish cedar lining in your cigar humidor case will help to keep moisture within, impart a rich aroma to your cigars, and won’t warp over time like some other woods can. These cases either come with a glass top for easy viewing, or the top is wood as well, and sometimes you can find cases with velvet lining.

Additional Features

Cigar humidor cases can come with a number of features that make them more convenient for the cigar aficionado. Some popular features include a cigar cutter, small clock, ashtray or lock, all situated within the humidor case. Depending on where you keep this popular cigar collectable and how often you use it, there are many features that could enhance your favourite pastime.