Cigarette Holders

Add some classic style with a cigarette holder

Cigarette holders have a single purpose that can be applied to many situations. If youre looking for the final touch to your themed party costume, a vintage decoration to add to your growing collection, or even a holder for practical purposes, look no further than the selection of tobacciana items available on eBay.

Cigarette holders for every occasion

Long cigarette holders were the symbol of class for ladies in the early 1900s. Ideal for social outings, the holders made smoking easier and more accessible for those wishing to keep the process clean and simple. The holders became so popular, they even conquered the classics of cinema, with actors immortalising their use in photo shoots, movies, and television shows. Smaller holders are ideal for cigars, targeted at a male demographic and intricately designed.

A practical, fashionable accessory for the audience of smokers, these holders ensured a standard of elegance and cleanliness before filtered cigarettes dominated the world. Combining an artistic expression with functionality, its no wonder they are still widely used today, whether as a collectable or a must-have addition to your ensemble.

The items available range in materials, from metals and plastics, to rarer, more complicated textures, such as ivory and jade. It all depends on your needs and desires. Whether youre looking for a single holder or a collection for multiple uses, you can be sure to find the right one for you. Additional features may include silicone rings, a filter system, easy-clean material, adjustable holders for shisha pipes, and extra mouthpieces.

The variety of options within a community of like-minded people will further your appreciation, giving you the easiest route to a holder youve always wanted. So take a slice of the 1900s with you, and wow your friends and family with your costume or collection. Shopping for your ideal cigarette holder has never been simpler.