Cigarette Rolling Machines

If you smoke, you're already aware how buying manufactured packs doesn't make a lot of economical sense. If you have the time, adding a cigarette rolling machine to your daily repertoire allows you to have access to typically more better and organic tobaccos, as well as being an easier financial burden. Depending on how many you need to roll a day, there are several different types, including electric cigarette rollers.

What Are Different Rolling Machine Types?

The different types of cigarette rolling machines are typically categorised by their construction. For example, a plastic cigarette roller is quite travel friendly and fits right into your pocket.

  • Plastic cigarette roller: This type of machine fits right into a pocket or a purse, and is easily carried with you if you have to roll on the go. It's not always the best go-to as your primary rolling machine.
  • Metal cigarette roller: These typically lay flat on a table, and are relatively easy to use. You may want a metal roller as your main means of rolling, especially if you smoke around a pack a day.
  • Electric cigarette roller: This little device essentially does all of the work for you, and is best for high-volume rolling. Simply load the tobacco and let the machine do the work.

What Are Rolling Machine Advantages?

There are definite advantages when it comes to using a cigarette making machine as opposed to buying pre-rolled cigarettes or tobacco.

  • Economic advantage: Buying your own cigarette tubes, tobacco, and the machine is much more cost-effective than mass-marketed cigarettes.
  • Control: When you roll your own, you know much more about the tobacco you're usingand smoking. You can use herbal blends, or regular tobacco.
  • Helps to cut back: Rolling your own naturally helps you not reach for a habitual cigarette again and again, as you have to stop and roll each one.

How Do You Use a Rolling Machine?

All types of rolling machines are different, but essentially have the same type of mechanism.

  • Measure: First, you measure the amount of tobacco to put in the machine by taking it out of its tin.
  • Load: Next, you load the machine with the tobacco.
  • Place: For most machines, you next load the cigarette tube on (or in) the machine.
  • Push or click: The final step is using the mechanism on the machine to force the tobacco tightly into the tube and use a tobacco case for proper storage.