Circular Saws

Circular saws certainly have plenty of advantages when it comes to DIY and woodwork. Efficient and simple to use, unlike reciprocating saws which can be less clean when cutting (each cutting stroke is then followed by a return stroke), circular saws are immediately ready to offer clean cuts as soon as the blade is turning. You can find circular saws from leading brands such as Makita, DEWALT and Bosch. 

Cordless circular saws

Cordless circular saws that are battery driven have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their relatively compact size and extra voltage power packs. This makes them ideal for jobs where there's no ready power supply such as out in a field. An excellent example is the Bosch 1660K model, complete with a 6 ½ inch blade and super durable 24 volt battery. Not only does it boast excellent torque, the runtime alone makes this circular saw top of its class. 

Sidewinder circular saws

With sidewinder circular saws, the motor itself is positioned alongside the blade. This means that it's a very light (11 pounds or less) saw, making it substantially easy to handle and manoeuvre over a long working day. The helical gears on higher spec sidewinder models, such as this Milwaukee 6390 20, bolster up the torque, making the sidewinder perfect for heavy duty applications in particular. 

Small Sidewinder circular saws

If you are of smaller stature, it's possible that a full sized sidewinder circular saw could be tricky to use. A better option could well be a small pro model such as the 7.7 pound Makita 5740NB. It's extra lightweight but still has all the top features of a full size sidewinder. 

Worm drive circular saws

On worm drive circular saws, the motor is lined up with the blade. This offers enough torque to easily slice through wet timber or even concrete like a knife through butter. This makes it excellent for heavy duty renovation jobs such as framing and breaking up rubble.