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Cisco Routers

Cisco Routers

Internet routers are devices that join computer networks together. You can do this both wired and wirelessly. Cisco routers provide the connectivity you need in today’s world. You can use them in homes and for businesses of any size. Ethernet, wireless networking and security functions are just some of what Cisco routers have to offer.

Enterprise Routers

The single integrated platform of a Cisco wired Ethernet RJ-45 enterprise router will allow you to manage voice and fax with upgradable inline power to IP phones and wireless access points, all from the wiring closet. These work well in mid-size to large businesses. The Cisco wireless 802.11N enterprise routers are small and powerful. When you don’t have a lot of room to devote to a router but need to provide cloud connectivity, voice, video, highly secure connections, application performance and more, an 800-series Cisco router is a great choice.

Mobile Networks

Mobile Cisco routers cater to businesses that take their show on the road. When you need highly secure communications on the go, Cisco’s embedded service routers can make operations more seamless. These internet routers are extremely reliable, even in harsh environments. They also allow for connectivity in vehicles, multicast video streaming, radio-aware routing and more.

For Homes

Routers became popular for home use when families began to routinely have more than one computer in the household needing to share an internet connection. While internet routers for home use usually have fewer features than those for business and schools, they still provide some essential services. Look for basic security features, like a simple firewall and the ability to reconfigure router settings from internet browsers.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need capabilities too. Cisco has designed routers that will provide secure VPN access, so you can connect to other remote networks without worrying about intrusions. You’ll find firewall protection, advanced encryption and more to help you operate smoothly and confidentially.