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City Chic Dresses Size M for Women

City Chic Dresses

Finding a dress for a plus-sized figure can be a challenge. Many retail brands only sell in “standard” sizings, often not making dresses bigger than a size 16. Even when the label is the correct size, clothing made for plus-sized women can be simply a scaled-up version of smaller sizes, which doesn’t take into account their unique shape and needs. City Chic is a dedicated plus-sized brand, only selling size 14+, which allows them to offer many beautiful dresses that are made to fit a curvier shape.

Sizing Labels

City Chic dresses have their own sizing labels, and it’s helpful to measure yourself to get a good idea of your size. For the City Chic label, a size Medium generally translates to around a “standard” size 18. If you usually wear a size 18-20 in other labels, City Chic Size M dresses for women are a good place to start. Consult their online chart for measurements, or go in-store to try on some different designs

Choosing Your Look

As an Australian brand with a focus on bold, sexy and flattering dresses for curvier women, City Chic offer many beautiful options in a size Medium. They follow international trends to cater to a range of different styles and preferences, so women of almost any size can choose fashionable clothing designed for them.

Dressing for an Occasion

Attempting to find on-trend clothing in a size 18-20 can be difficult enough, but when you are looking to buy a dress for a special occasion it becomes even harder. There are a range of medium City Chic dresses for all different occasions, from casual wear to City Chic formal dresses. With the City Chic brand, it’s easy to get the look you want.

Buying Australian

Apart from the wide range of City Chic clothing for women that is based on modern international fashion trends and designed specifically for larger sizes, there are other incentives to give the brand a try: frequent sales, free shipping within Australia and a presence within 200 outlets around the globe.