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Clarins Skin Care Products

Luxury products made from the most premium, high-quality ingredients, Clarins skin care products use an array of herbs and vitamins to keep your skin looking fresh, firm, and smooth. The award-winning French brand combines plants with science to create the most effective skin care line today, and offers multiple products for every need.

Keep it Clean

Cleansers offer gentle cleansing along with other benefits, such as hydration and smoothness. Made for all types of skin, Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser made with cottonseed is meant to cleanse and purify the pores, creating a cleaner feel and eradicating debris from the skin. Choose cleanser with shea butter for dry skin, or opt for gentle cleansing milk for sensitivity issues. Finish with a toner to tighten pores and wake up the face.

Hydration Station

Clarins skin care moisturisers offer a healthy way to hydrate skin. Choose from day creams or night formulations for best results, and enjoy features that include rich lotions that smooth and refresh dry skin, along with antioxidants that make skin feel supple and clean. Use moisturiser with an added SPF for daytime sun protection, and for irritated, sensitive skin, opt for a gentle cream that has a calming effect on the face. Energising cream imparts radiance, and is equivalent to a cup of coffee for the face, while shine control cream does wonders for oily complexions.

Turn Back Time

Most women become concerned about the signs of aging as time passes by, and Clarins anti-aging products address those problems and more. Special serums, creams, and lotions work to combat fine lines and create a firm, toned face, while lifting problem areas to impart a more youthful appearance. These heavy-duty creams not only hydrate the skin on your face, but also help improve the look of your neck and decolletage. A powerhouse product, tinted SPF anti-aging cream gives you a healthy glow while fighting the signs of aging.

Keep An Eye Out

The skin around your eyes is fragile and delicate, and requires its own set of treatments. Clarins has an eye for detail when it comes to this special area, and offers smoothing creams and gels that reduce the look of crow's feet and fine lines around the eyes, while plumping and revitalising the area. Reduce dark circles and puffy eyes with cooling gel, or use an eye mask to fight the signs of exhausted eyes.