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Cosmetic Luxury From Clarins

Famous luxury cosmetics brand from France, Clarins offers a variety of makeup, skincare, and body care products which ultimately reveal the natural beauty of women around the world.

Clarins, after all, is all about you.

Compassion & Curiosity

Clarins was created over 60 years ago, out of compassion and curiosity. Founder Jacques Courtin was only nine years old when he overheard his older sister and her friends complaining about their perceived shortcomings of women's bodies.

With his interest in beauty piqued, Courtin set out to create new methods for women to look and feel more attractive. Clarins eventually debuted their first packaged product in 1962 called Body Shaping Cream, developed to shape, streamline contours, as well as eliminate cellulite.

The original beauty institute in Paris, Clarins went on to become one of the top luxury skincare brands in all of Europe. Which is very impressive, considering the exquisite taste many Europeans have, as well as the sheer quantity of high-end cosmetic products on the market.

Over half a century after being created, Clarins has continued to develop and expand their ever-increasing list of effective and no-nonsense beauty products. Clarins makeup ultimately ensures you always get the most out of your natural beauty, while their range of skincare products keeps your skin in the best possible working condition.

The Clarins Cosmetics Range

Clarins products are all botanically-based, so they contain ingredients which were chosen specifically for their demonstrated effectiveness. The Clarins range of products is so extensive that everyone is almost guaranteed to find a product that is perfectly suited for each individual's beauty needs.

Body & Skincare

The Clarins range of skincare products are used so that your face remains feeling and looking as healthy, young, and gorgeous as possible. Whatever your type of skin, these skincare products from Clarins effectively moisturise and cleanse the skin, while also addressing any specific needs of the complexion.

With the Clarins range of emollient-rich body care products, you can look after the skin all over your body. Whether your skin feels like it needs a rich body oil or a lightweight cream, Clarins is sure to have a suitable product that provides nourishment for the skin, which makes it look luminous and feel young.

Clarins Makeup

Makeup developed by luxurious cosmetics brand Clarins really does do so much more than simply add some colour to the face and define its beauty. Clarins makeup formulas have been uniquely enriched with carefully selected plant extracts from all over the world because of the obvious benefits to the skin like creating a flawless look faster than a camera flash.

Clarins Caters For Men Too

Clarins Men Skincare range includes moisturisers, shaving products, a line of cleansers, and the body care range. The no-nonsense line of Clarins Men products have no unnecessary ingredients added, they're sold in stylishly sleek packaging, and they all seem to be pleasantly scented.

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