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Marilyn Monroe

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Shoot for the stars and starlets of years past with classic Hollywood movies, prints and more from eBay    

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.  For those who love the romance and allure of eras past, the titans of film who helped build Hollywood are second to none. Responsible for some of the most famous characters, quotable scenes and jaw-dropping headlines, classic Hollywood actors and actresses changed the face of entertainment and helped build the big and small screen industry as we know it. eBay’s collection of classic Hollywood movies and memorabilia can help these legends live forever.   

Bring ‘em to life   

Streaming services have changed the way we watch movies. But there’s no guarantee your favourite classic Hollywood flick is going to be on your chosen streaming service. That’s why DVDs and Blu-ray movies are such a valuable tool in the arsenal of any Hollywood fan. eBay’s range of classic movies lets the stars shine their brightest, with Oscar-winning films from the area’s formative decades.    

Marvellous Marilyn   

Marilyn Monroe might be best known for her acting work, but in her heyday she was perhaps the most famous woman alive. Transcending the silver screen and becoming a pillar of pop culture, Monroe’s popularity in the 1950s helped usher in a new, powerful form of feminism. 

In addition to DVDs and Blu-rays of Some Like it Hot, The Seven Year Itch, All About Eve and other classics, eBay also has a range of stunning Marilyn Monroe posters and prints. These incredible pieces, in beautiful black and white or vibrant colour, bring the one-of-a-kind Monroe look to your home in a range of sizes. Take your fandom from the screen to the walls with prints and posters of this Hollywood legend.   

Monroe, Brando, Hepburn, Eastwood, Bogart, Wayne; these monumental personalities need to introduction. Skip the Walk-of-Fame and the big sign with the oversized white letters. Find something for fans of classic Hollywood online on eBay today.