Classic Toys

Go back in time with some classic toys

From the living room to the backyard, give your kids the gift of a classic toy with some of the best-selling and most loved toys of the last 30 or 40 years.

On eBay youll find everything from living room delights to schoolyard favourites. Youll be able to relive your own childhood at the same time.

Bring your childhood home

Show them the power of the slinky as they race to see whos hits the bottom of the stairs first, or whos spinning top can spin the longest. You may even want to challenge them to a potato shootout in the back garden with a spud gun. With these retro gifts, anything is possible.

Playground favourites

Never mind phones, youll remember when schoolyard favourites kept everyone occupied without having to be too fancy. Throughout the vast range of vintage toys, youll find those little gems such as Yo-Yos and even marbles. Find out if youve still got what it takes to be the best and challenge them to a game of marbles, or see if you remember any of those old Yo-Yo tricks, and watch them marvel at the skills you learnt as a kid.

Offset tech

Of course these days its all about tablets, phones, and anything else with an internet connection. But try sending them back to a simpler time, even if its just for an afternoon. Grab an etch-a-sketch and challenge them to a game of old-school Pictionary, or gift them a magic cube and see if they can unscramble it. This is one thing they wont be able to solve with Google.

Youll also find classic hits such as magic sets, baby dolls, fun play animals, and even wooden play sets designed for all ages on eBay. Even if your kids arent huge fans, youll definitely have fun with the toys when theyre done.