Classical Guitars

Classical guitars aren't like other guitars. Crafted with nylon strings for a different sound, these guitars come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a softer playing style. There are many factors to consider when you're choosing a classical guitar, such as whether you require a right or left-handed design, and how many strings work best for your particular musical style. From vintage classical guitars to more modern styles, there are many options to pick from.

The Size Of It

Unlike traditional guitars and basses, classical guitars come in a range of sizes. This gives you the chance to ensure the guitar fits your body perfectly to allow you to play with ease. The smallest classical guitar size is 1/4, which works well for children up to the age of five. Guitars that are 1/2 size are perfect for older kids, up to age eight, while 3/4 size guitars fit smaller adults and kids up to age 10. Most adults end up choosing either 7/8 guitars, which work for older kids and small-sized adults, or 4/4 guitars, which are the full-sized style. Consider hand and body size when choosing a guitar.

Strings Attached

The next consideration is how many strings you desire on your guitar. The most traditional type of guitars are 6-string classical guitars. Though those are the most common, you may also find guitars that feature seven or even more strings. The difference between these options and guitars with six strings is the fact that more strings allow you to create a wider range of notes and chords, allowing even more ways to experiment with different tunings and styles.

By Design

One of the most fun parts of choosing a guitar is picking the design you like the best. Guitars range from classic wood options to sleek black styles, funky blue or red colours, or pink beginner guitars for kids. Purchase a guitar starter set that comes with a case, strings, and a stand if you're just starting out, or opt for a fun flamenco guitar with a glossy design that stands out and creates one-of-a-kind notes.

Brand New

There are many well-known guitar brands to pick from, but some musicians select the same brands time and time again for their high-quality materials, attention to detail, and sheer beauty when it comes to crafting a classical guitar. Some companies to consider include Tanglewood, Cordoba, Yamaha, and Miguel Rosales. Select guitars based on your budget as well as the brand and guitar materials, such as mahogany or cedar, depending on your personal preference.