Clear Dining Chairs

Clear Dining Chairs

Clear dining chairs have become popular in recent years. You can see them in home and style magazines and blogs, and they are a fixture in high-end salons and spas. There are many different popular styles of clear chairs and they can range in price. Designer chairs, like the original Ghost Chair, are more costly, but there are cheaper versions made by bulk manufacturers like Ikea. People like clear dining chairs for many reasons, but they are especially helpful in making a cramped room look more open.

Popular Styles

The Ghost Chair, by French designer Philippe Starck, also known as the Philippe Starck Chair, is an iconic, completely-lucite chair. It uses one mould for a uniform look. The chair itself very closely resembles Louis XVI's throne, with its mix of circles and squares, and bold column legs. The actual Ghost Chair is very expensive, but reproductions and variations are common. The Eames Shell Chair style chairs have also made an appearance in lucite. Actual Eames chairs more commonly use opaque plastic, but the design of the shell lends itself well to creating a clear chair. This mid-century modern design made translucent gives it a more modern feel with a nod to the past.


Replicas of the Ghost Chair most commonly use a single one plastic cast. Joints and interlocking pieces could create cracks, especially in extreme temperatures. Some clear chairs, like the Eames-style Shell Chairs usually have wooden legs. Clear chairs can be partially plastic or entirely plastic.


Chairs that are from one mould are less susceptible to damage from changes in temperature. They are able to transition into outside chairs, if need be. Lucite chairs are also very light. You can move them around easily. Clear chairs make a space look less crowded, and they highlight the dining table, or what is presented on the table, by taking attention away from themselves.


While some clear dining chairs may be more glossy than others, it is important to keep them free from smudges and fingerprints. One of the great benefits is that they are easy to clean. There is no need to get out the furniture steamer to get a stain out of an upholstered chair. Spilled wine is no problem. An all purpose cleaner often works fine, though some may prefer a window cleaner so they have a streak free shine left on the chairs.