Climbing harnesses for adventure seekers

Whether it's the social aspect, the buzz you get from overcoming technical challenges or getting stronger, it's easy to see why climbing is a popular sport and pastime. With so much quality climbing equipment available from various different brands, you're sure to find a harness to enhance your experience.

You should be heading out for a climb feeling comfortable and 100% confident in your equipment. Choosing the right harness is a great investment in your climbing endeavours, and can save you a lot of money on rental fees at climbing gyms in the long term.

Different types of harnesses

The most common harnesses used for rock climbing and abseiling have a simple design. The thick weight-bearing loop is always at the front. Once you have correctly identified the front and back of the harness, you simply step in and tighten the three adjustable straps. One secures around your waist, and the two leg loops are tightened around your upper thighs.

Full suspension harnesses are necessary for construction, tree carving, and other industries where you are working at a height. Full body harnesses are available with fluorescent safety material, assisting with visibility while on the job.

Getting the right fit

Adjustable waist and leg loops make it easy to find a harness that will fit and in many cases, one size fits most. However, you can always check specific models for the leg and waist circumference ranges to be sure.

Many harnesses are unisex, but some are designed specifically for men, women, or children.

Conveniently, kids' harnesses can keep up with their growth spurts. The Black Diamond Wiz Kid harness boasts a similar design to Momentum and Primrose harnesses, with a vented OpenAir foam insert in the waist belt which allows for breathability and comfort during big climbs.

Padded harnesses improve comfort when your harness is holding your entire weight by reducing pressure points. Many harnesses have additional loops attached around the waist. These are for carrying gear, such as climbing carabiners or chalk for drying your hands.